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  • web development service provider

    Web development service provider

    We are professional web development services provider in Indonesia, our service is web design, web development, web programming, and web based application.
  • web development service provider
    Our Service
    1. Web development
    2. Only web script
    3. Web modification
    4. Application program
    5. Free web template
    6. Free application
    7. Basic SEO
    8. Article request
    9. Tutorial programming
  • web development service provider
    "Customer satisfaction is our priority, as Trigger Excitement in Providing Services and Best Service".
  • web development service provider Technology and Language
    PHP-5, HTML-5, CSS3, SQL Server, MySQL Database, Access Database, Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic.
  • web development service provider
    "To be a provider of reliable and advanced services in the field of information technology."

Web Development Service Provider

Web Development Service - Application - Only Script Module

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Providing The Best Quality

web development service provider

Our main product is a website. We are a web development service provider in Indonesia, our services include a web development, web design, and web programming, which produces products websites such as a personal web, company profile, online store and web based application. Working with the latest technology, the latest version of the programming language, so that the products can run on almost all platforms. We are a web development, design and programming that seeks to advance, a newcomer to the world of Information Technology as a service provider of website creation and app creation services ( web based applications ) as it continues to provide the best quality. If a senior developer using HTML5 technology, PHP5, CSS3, JavaScript, and MySQL database to develop a web based application, we also participate using this technology, so that the product results from professional website development services and manufacturing applications can compete with Indonesia and foreign-based competitors countries as well as having high quality.
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Free Website and Templates

web development service provider

rajaputramedia.com is a web development service provider based in Indonesia, not only providing commercial services, some of the products released for free including the template, as a long-term plan will be released web-based applications, as well as application programs for free. Although the form of free services, its manufacturing process is done in a professional manner. Why making website templates released for free? We have considered previously, of course, there is a difference between a free product to a paid product. One of them is the dynamic function of a free product does not run optimally. Personal website, online store website, website company profile, web-based application that was released for free has fewer features than the paid products.
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Web Design, Web Programming, and Web Development

Design and programming is the first step in the making of a web-based application or website, and then do a review and analysis of the results of the web creation. Review and analysis can be done in various ways or methods, such as by checking trafick visits, page rank, indexing & web directory, search keywords, backlinks, text and keywords density, and many more, where all of these methods is one of the web development SEO is Search Engine Omptimization , but most of the web development service providers based in Indonesia less attention to this, SEO services are often given separately with website creation services. Website development should meet the needs of SEO to the fullest.

Web Development and Web Design Service

What We Do

Premium service and free service. Paid service is web development service and application development service, and free services. All of these services include: Web Development, Web Only scripts, web modification, Application Software, Free web templates, Free application, Basic SEO, article requests, programming tutorial. As a provider of website creation services and building services applications that are ready to compete with many competitors in providing the services or service, while maintaining the quality and customer satisfaction, especially in Indonesia.

Technology and Language

web development service providerIn general, a manufacturing services-based applications and web-based website creation services in Indonesia, using Language Technology & updated for website creation and making of an application or web based application, which is the latest technology that is being developed in the world of Information Technology and is used by almost all creating a web-based service provider in Indonesia, including the PHP-5, HTML 5, CSS3, SQL Server, MySQL Database, Access Database, Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic.

Our Vision

To be a provider of reliable and advanced services in the field of information technology.

Our Motto

"Customer satisfaction is our priority, as Trigger Excitement in Providing Services and Best Service".

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Request Article

We provide the opportunity for loyal visitors rajaputramedia.com - Web Development Service Provider , to request / ask for articles or tutorials. Such requests will be evaluated by a support team rajaputramedia.com, whether articles or tutorials requested deserves to be published. Furthermore, article or tutorial as requested to be released by the team website creation services, then appear on the category page article in accordance with the article. This facility is one of the free services done professionally while still offering of rajaputramedia.com

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Article and Tutorial

In an effort to improve both knowledge web development, web design, web programming, Internet programming, and applications programming, then our web development service provider based in Indonesia provides a special web page for posting the results of the manufacture of articles and tutorials. Articles and tutorials are available in rajaputramedia.com - Web Development Service Provider / Web Based Applications among others, the article programming (web development and applications development) , articles on computer hardware (hardware) , and so forth. In order to know that the making of tutorial articles cited mapun manufacture of a variety of reliable sources both sourced from Indonesia and abroad. For whatever reason, the process of making a website or web-based applications still need a tutorial. view more...

Web development service provider

Why To Work With Us

web development service providerrajaputramedia.com is a manufacturing services applications, services , and web-based application creation website creation, product applications and websites that we have developed using the latest technology, easy to use and fully functional, it can be accessed quickly, user friendly, and can run virtually on all platforms . Web Development, Web Design, Web Programming, a web-based application is done by a team of the best website creation, resulting in a website look attractive and neat. Can be known that the development of information technology is rapidly globally, including technology-based in Indonesia, and we still keep track of it, so it can work in a professional manner.
In developing, designing, and manufacturing of a website (web development, web design, web programming) , both personal website, website company profile, website or online store web-based applications, there are several aspects that must be met by the provider of website creation services, including:

  • Design and layout (web design) that is compatible with the browser.
  • Navigation is easy to use by visitors to browse the website.
  • Online chat facility to the end.
  • User Login or registration of new members.
  • Lightweight and secure database system.
  • Security hosting.
  • Domain email account.
  • Basic SEO.
  • Customer satisfaction.

In order to achieve customer satisfaction then rajaputramedia.com as a web development service provider and web based application development, so consider all aspects of the fulfillment of the above. rajaputramedia.com sincerely hope to establish good relationships with clients and establish professional cooperation. The core of it all is that no one party who feels aggrieved in the future.

Below is a table of packages web development service provider by rajaputramedia.com - a web-based application creation services and website services. Services, features, and prices are subject to change at any time:

Web development service provider

Package Table

 Domain .com atau .net
 Space Hosting
150 MB
350 MB
1024 MB
3 GB
15 GB
25 GB
 Web Mail
 MySQL Database
 Main Menu
Max 6
Max 10
Max 60
Max 100
 Admin Page
Rp 375.000
Rp 595.000
Rp 810.000
Yearly Renewal
Rp 205.000
Rp 325.000
Rp 445.000

web development service provider

- Special for website services-based application / web-application (web based applications) additional charge of Rp 200.000, - from price to a maximum of 10 menu package / module. If it exceeds the menu / module maximum additional charge of Rp 40,000 - per menu / module. But for setting workstation services are FREE, special customer in Indonesia.


Free Download Website Templates, rajaputramedia.com - Download Free Templates, free website templates specifically provide for the visitors. Why donwload free templates? We have considered previously, of course, there are differences between templates free with a paid template, but you do not worry, even though we remain free to develop professionally. view more...
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web development service provider

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web development service provider

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web development service provider

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a/n : Andi Hatmoko

Rekening MANDIRI : 13300 11921 079

a/n : Andi Hatmoko

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Ali2018-01-21, 19:28 pm
Mas, sy minta mysql ebook mysql nya donk..
sofian2018-01-11, 15:50 pm
seuai dengan kebutuhan format SPPD kantor sya
sofian2018-01-11, 15:48 pm
pak saya berminat dengan Aplikasi SPPD nya tp menu dan templatenya bisa dirubah dan ditambah sesuai dengan kebutuhan dgn
SETYA2018-01-10, 12:48 pm
pelajaran ini membuat saya mengerti
bangroel2018-01-07, 10:41 am
apakah aplikasi stok gudang barang berbasis web nya cocok untuk gudang yang mutasi barangnya keluar dan kembali. thx
wikko 2018-01-03, 20:47 pm
Bolehkan minta source code aplikasi dokumen kontrol kasi sangat perlu
Heri2018-01-03, 15:41 pm
tolong cara gimana dapatkan Aplikasi Sistem Informasi Data Karyawan, dan apakah aplikasi berjalan sempurna tanpa error
maidi2017-12-18, 05:41 am
mhn info harga aplikasi dokumen kontrol dan surat perintah perjalanan dinas
bagas2017-12-17, 11:11 am
minta nomor kontak person yang bisa dihubungi
zay2017-12-03, 11:39 am
sangat membantu, terimakasih mastah
Dwi2017-11-30, 11:28 am
Bisa tau hargax min????
abdullah2017-11-27, 23:31 pm
min, password winrar aplikasi inventory barang nya apa ya ?
Spongbob 2017-11-25, 09:22 am
Min link download script ganti password php tidak bisa
Sagoh2017-11-24, 15:41 pm
Halooo. Salam kenal
dwi2017-11-22, 22:15 pm
min kok buat live chat ga bisa ya cara bukanya gimana
rudy2017-10-27, 11:39 am
script nya ko ga bisa di blok ya??. mau saya copy
Yudhistir2017-10-10, 10:48 am
Maaf mas, link download simpeg v.4 nya kok ga bisa ya
yosie2017-10-09, 14:07 pm
selamat siang, tertarik dengan program aplikasi stock barangnya. apakah ini free atau harus beli
junaidi2017-10-09, 08:25 am
kami mau input data pegawai tapi download aplikasinya susah, tolong solusinya admin.. a.n SDN 269 LAMBATU, Lutim
bayu 2017-10-07, 18:32 pm
misi admin saya mau tanya kalo buat download nya dimana iya
Dalil2017-09-20, 16:24 pm
Min, Q pingin bikin sofware data base keanggotaan sebuah Organisasi dengan daftar data diri, tahun pelantikan, dan area
igratiann2017-09-20, 11:27 am
Min, mau nanya, ada contoh script untuk multiple insert dengan tabel, gak?
Sherina s2017-09-18, 09:52 am
cara download nya gimana ini teh?
Leni M.A2017-09-14, 13:48 pm
Kasih link nya dongg plisss aku butuh buat tugas sekolah nihhh
Teguh2017-09-13, 20:06 pm
cara membuat widget google+ gimana, buat tutorialnya dong
intan2015-03-05, 22:22 pm
kalo ingin membuat halaman admin dari program chat seperti ini bagaimana script php nya ???
Amat2015-01-21, 19:03 pm
Untuk kolom bawaan gimana isinya
andela2014-09-11, 09:01 am
saya memerlukan aplikasi/softwere untuk membuat website bagaimana caranya?
Andreas2014-05-22, 19:40 pm
Isi artikelnya bagus, mudah di ikuti buat praktek langsung. Thanks admin
Nanda2014-05-17, 02:07 am
Cara pemesanan aplikasi berbasis web nya gimana, apa bisa scriptnya saja yang dikirim?
Edo2014-01-29, 06:13 am
Dear Admin, Kalo mau order script bagaimana caranya?
Irwan2014-01-22, 03:44 am
Pak admin, kapan free aplikasi nya di release?
angelo2014-01-11, 03:17 am
pak admin websitenya keren abis, kapan kita berkumpul ya
Sania2014-01-04, 03:21 am
Bagaimana cara instal template yg sudah didownload?

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